Life Balance and Healthy Living Complete (Premium)

In nature there is an intricate balance to be found in and between all creations, including us as human beings.  Based on time-tested wisdoms of health and wellbeing that have universal application, Life Balance & Healthy Living offers powerful healing practices and tools desperately needed in our modern lives.

The unhealthy lifestyle that most people lead in the end only causes poor health, poverty and frustration.  Public healthcare is in crisis.  Chronic diseases due to unhealthy lifestyle are causing millions of deaths yearly, and sabotaging quality of life for many hundreds of millions more.

This programme was developed by Hakim Salim M.D. (M.A.) D.O. M.I.R.C.H. F.G.N.I. who has dedicated 40 years working with 1000s of patients and 100s of students all over the world, helping them improve their health and overcome disease.  Hakim Salim continues his practice as a natural therapist, publishes articles and books, and delivers talks, seminars, workshops and courses around the globe.

Life Balance & Healthy Living includes:

  • 3 Courses, 27 units (more than 125 unique pieces of content)
  • 8 Interactive quizzes (more than 75 questions)
  • 5 Interactive practical activities
  • 11 Health-promoting recipes
  • 18 Downloadable articles and handouts (including self-help worksheets)
  • 3 Exclusive Podcasts by Hakim Salim (not available elsewhere)
  • 24/7 Instant access from any device with internet
  • 365 Days subscription (50% off for all renewals)

Plus, some valuable gifts included:

  1. 20% off when you upgrade to Life Balance & Healthy Living in-person.

  2. 50% off when you upgrade from  Standard to Premium online.

  3. E-mail support from our support team, advised by Hakim Salim.

  4. Subscription to our regular e-mail newsletter including health tips, current affairs and useful free downloads.

  5. Membership onto our Facebook group where you can connect with others participating in the worldwide movement of Tibb: Whole-Person Healthcare & Medicine.

Premium adds the following benefits:

  1. Written assignments graded by Hakim Salim with personal feedback.

  2. Completion certificate issued when you achieve a 'pass' on your assignments.

  3. Free gift of An Introduction to Islamic Medicine by Hakim M Salim Khan, delivered to your address.

  4. 20% off all Mohsin brand health products. These products are authentically formulated according to traditional herbal medicine, and made of only natural ingredients.

Includes these 3 courses:

(1/3) Introduction to Tibb
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(2/3) Introduction to Life Balance
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(3/3) Alchemy in the Kitchen
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